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Experience the South Coast in absolute luxury with our Hidden Gem Golf Tour Package where you’ll stay in a beautiful Villa  situated inside of The Selborne Golf Estate. This package includes 2 roumds of golf that will be played on the following stunning South Coast Golf courses, namely; Selborne Golf Course (Hidden Gem Course) and Umdoni Park. Once you arrive at the golfcourses, you will receive a delicious complimentary breakfast to  fuel up the game ahead.

The Luxury units located inside of the famous Selborne Golf Estate will take your breathe away with their stunning views and luxurious features. The Selborne Estate is home to a variety of wild life as well indigenous flora and beautiful scenery.

The purpose of this tour is to help you escape to the hidden gems of the KZN south Coast and to ensure you receive a one of a kind experience at an affordable rate. 

Selborne Golf Club

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Umdoni Park

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You will be staying in a Luxury Villa located inside of  The Selborne Golf Estate which is the first ever golf estate built in South Africa.  You will get full access to the estate so feel free to explore the massive stunning estate. Transport can be arranged on your behalf at low discounted rates through Sengati Africa. Sengati Africa will provide you with a breakfast upon arrival at the courses to help you fuel up for the day’s golf.

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